Dong Open Air

Date + Location:
11.07. – 13.07.2019
Neukirchen-Vluyn near Krefeld / Germany

Confirmed Bands (31.05.2019):


Additional information:
Started in 2001 by eight teenager metalheads this open air evolved to a very special Festival! Especially when the Dong Open Air changed its place to the Dong hill it became a totally incomparable one. From the Dong Hill the visitors have a beautiful landscape (e.g. over the ruhr valley) no other event can offer.
So by raising popularity the Dong Open Air became sold out earlier each year. But the organizers still decided to take care about the familiar atmosphere on the Dong hill as they also take care about the very fair prices! So what can you ask for more?

Ticket price: 59,99 €

When can I show up?
Starting on Thursday at 12 noon. You cannot get on the camping ground any earlier than this. And we won’t open the bar before that point of time either – which means: That’s when the fun begins.

How does the whole camping thing go?
It’s free! The ticket price includes camping, so we won’t charge anything extra there. The stage is really close to the camping area, it’s not only walking, but even stumbling distance. The camping area stretches about 200m around the concert tent.

What about parking?
Parking is free, too. There are parking lots at the foot of the hill, but those rarely suffice for the number of people we expect. But the other parking lots that are the furthest are no more than ten minutes walking distance from the hill. When you park your car, please always double check you’re parking in a zone where parking is allowed. Parking on the hill is not possible, because of the hill’s status as landscape protection area. If we decided to break the rule and let you drive up the hill, this would mark the final year of the DOA. Also we just couldn’t fit as many tents on the hill if you all brought your car up.
You can either walk up the hill or use our shuttle service. Once you’ve made it up the hill, you won’t have to do that much walking: Everything is close by and of course there will be food. You’ll even get to read something: our magazine – for free of course.

How do I get up the hill? You better have a cable car!
Actually this was discussed a couple of years ago, but never happened. You can walk up the hill or use the shuttle service, which also transports your luggage – not your crates, kegs or any other form of beer. It just doesn’t make sense to get that stuff up the hill, since we sell ice-cold beer at really cheap price. One trip with the shuttle cost €1.50 per person.

A walk up the hill takes the average person about 15 minutes.
The stairs that lead up the hill, the Himmelsleiter, will be closed due to the events of the 2010 Loveparade. Although it is very unlikely, but still possible, that we would have to evacuate the hill, we agree with the local authorities that the stairs would pose a threat rather than help. The stairs are too narrow and too long to offer a safe passage down the hill in the case of emergency.

What about toilets at the Dong? Is showering heavy metal?
Yes, there will be toilets and they will be emptied on a regular basis – in 2011 more often than in previous years. Running water on the hill is a difficult chapter. Currently there is no water connection and pumps would probably have a hard time dealing with the altitude, which is why we can’t offer you any showers or flushable toilets at this point of time. But we will be supplying you with water tanks (not drinking water!), so you can at least wash yourself a bit. Just don’t forget the washcloth and you soap. And be responsible! This means: It’s not responsible to not close the valve and to leave the water running. The water tanks don’t miraculously refill. Don’t rip off the shower head, we put them on for a reason – to make it easier for you to make use of the water.

Is it ok if I leave trash behind?
Trash continues to be a growing problem of the festival. On one hand it’s a major financial factor, on the other hand the Dong hill is a landscape protection area. And if we don’t return this beautiful hill in A+ condition, we’ll get into major trouble. Yes, we know, neither we nor you can avoid trash. But we would like to ask you not to leave each bottle cap and each wrapper separately on the ground. The result of that would be that cleaning up takes longer and costs more money. And when it comes down to it, you will pay for it, when the ticket price has to be raised due to rising costs.
Due to the large amounts of trash that accumulate every year, we are forced to charge a deposit of 5€ from each visitor, which is paid along with the tickets at the point of sale. When you pick up your wristband, you will be supplied with trash bags and a deposit coin. During the festival, and on sunday, you will be able to return both trash and coin in exchange for your money. On site we’ll have plenty of trash cans as well as a large container for trash. Make use of those as well, please! Do not shatter any glass on purpose. Please make sure you collect all your tent pegs. The paragliders who use the Dong hill for their sport will be very appreciative.

Am I going to end up poor if I want to drink something? I’ll be hungry, too!
Certainly not! We sell each half liter of beer or soft drinks for €2.00. And no, this is not some cheap crap, we are serving high quality brand products. Ice cold brand high quality stuff. Leave your beer kegs at home and don’t bother carrying it all the way up the hill. If you buy the drinks we offer, you are helping us finance the festival. Because the money we make by selling the ticket does not even cover half of what we need. There will be food on sale, but we can’t always influence the price that’s charged. Apart from food at festival prices, you will certainly find a bargain or two to feed you. Combine that with some ravioli and a pack of cookies and you’re all set without having to bust the bank.

Can I get rich at the Dong?
You can get rich by exchanging experiences with other awesome people, discovering your new favorite band or even get lucky. Economically we’ll have to disappoint you: Any sort of trade or business conduction is prohibited.

Can I barbecue half a pig and breathe fire while I’m at it anyways?
If you use a gas fuelled grill for the pig, fine. If you breathe firewater, we’re good. Open fire of any kind, charcoal grill, campfires, and torches are entirely prohibited. This is not our decision and we cannot make any exceptions whatsoever. Gas cookers are fine though.

Can I have a nice bottle of beer while at the concert in the tent?
Nope, but a nice cup of beer. We decided to eliminate glass in the concert area for your own safety. We instructed the nice security guys to keep an eye on this.

Pogo Party?
Pogo, stage diving, crowd surfing, all this is good fun. But please keep in mind that you are doing all of it at your own risk. If you perform a beautiful face plant and get hurt, please don’t start crying about how you didn’t know this could happen. Be considerate with the rest of the metal heads, unless you want some crazy Celine Dion fan to sue your ass off. No walls of death. It’s too risky, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. You may disagree if that makes you happy, but please remember that we can cancel the show at any time if we think it’s necessary. Having fun and partying ‘til dawn can absolutely be accomplished without a wall of death.

It’s going to be loud, right?
Big surprise, yes it will be. This is why we highly recommend that you wear ear protection while you’re in the concert tent, even if you think you’re close to deaf already. We’d like you to come back and enjoy the music next year as well. And not having a tinnitus is always great stuff, too. If you forgot to bring ear plugs, you can get a pair at our beer voucher booth. But try to remember to bring them because we won’t have an infinite supply.

Do I have to leave my weapon collection at home?
Absolutely! Weapons and weapon-like objects as well as replicas are prohibited on the entire area. When you’re in the concert area please leave objects that could hurt you or fellow metal heads, this includes some studded wristbands etc.

Am I going to become a star?
You might! Every once in a while a TV team stops by and there are always photographers around. So if you decide to attend the Dong Open Air, you agree to possibly having a picture of you appear in the media.

Where should I keep valuables? Where can I look if I lost something?
Keep your valuables on you at all times, preferably close to your body. And for Lemmy’s sake, do not leave them in your unguarded tent! Unfortunately thieves draw to festivals like moths to the flame. We do not have any lockers. If you lose something, you should check out our lost & found at the voucher sales booth. Just ask the people who work there if someone dropped off what you lost.

Can I listen to music although I still wear braces?
Definitely! Cultural education cannot start too early! If you are not yet 18 years old, get your parents to fill out the form that temporarily transfers their duty of supervision to an adult they trust to guide you through the festival. You can download it here. Once that’s done, you can hang out at the Dong as long as you and your supervisor want to. But don’t fake any signatures. That would get you into deep trouble!

Oh noes! I forgot how the deposit system for the drinks works!
It’s really easy actually. If you get your drink in a plastic cup, there won’t be any deposits. If you buy a bottle, we’ll charge you an extra drink voucher for the deposit. That is, unless you already bought a bottle earlier, which means you paid the deposit already. So if that’s the case, you return your empty bottle with the purchase of the next and won’t be charged again. This is probably common practice and you have heard about it before. But you can only pay your deposit with an old bottle – you know, to make sure you’re not bringing your empty bottles from home, getting wasted with us paying for it. Now it’s getting a little difficult, but don’t you worry. Each time you pay for the deposit with a voucher (because you didn’t have a bottle to return), you’ll receive a little plastic chip. If you take a bottle and this little chip to our voucher sales booth, you’ll get your voucher back (which you used to pay for the deposit). You can’t really use it for anything else. Why this is good? You won’t have to wait for change when you buy your beer, our bar guys won’t have to process too many numbers. This makes the wait shorter for everyone.

Is it worth taking a tour of the hill?
Do go out and take a look at the hill, it’s quite a pretty thing! Don’t spread your trash and make sure you stay on the paths. The slopes can get dangerous and you may get stuck in swampy ditches if you don’t pay attention.

Do I really have to stick to all these complex rules or can I just show up and go aggro?
Whoever thinks it’s a good idea to disrupt our festival, be it through violence, excessive noise, politically extreme talk or the like, will have to expect us to make use of our domestic authority and kick him or her out. Of course without returning any money they might have paid for the ticket. If the intruder doesn’t go home at this point, we have a bunch of nice friends whom we call the police.