Summer Breeze Newsletter No. 14

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!

7 weeks until Summer Breeze 2015 – here´s the latest newsletter:

1.: CARCASS confirmed
2.: Additional programme and stage
3.: QUEENSRŸCHE Meet And Greet
4.: Shower and WC flatrate
6.: Traveling to SUMMER BREEZE by public transport
7.: Bus shuttle between the festival site and Dinkelsbühl
8.: Hardcore Help Foundation
9.: New travel partner: BlaBlaCar
10.: Rent a cooler
11.: Beware of counterfeit tickets
12.: Saving camping space

Summer Breeze Newsletter No. 14



With full Force wants to know your opinion!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

As a fan festival we mainly want to follow the wishes of our fans and that’s why we urgently need your feedback!

Which bands of 2015 did you like the most? Do you have suggestions for improvement? And above all: Whicht bands would you like to see live at With Full Force 2016?

Please fill out the WRITE & WIN form and tell us your opinion! You can not only actively take part in creating the line up 2016 but also win one of 570 incredible WFF prizes!! That’s a new record!

You can win:
5×2 VIP passes inkl. free entrance, VIP camping 2016
5×2 Weekend tickets incl. camping 2016
100x WFF shirts from the current collection
40x WFF girlie shirts from the current collection
200x WFF shirts from the last years
50x WFF girlie shirts from the last years
100 DVDs from the years 2003 – 2010
10x jackets from the current collection
10x lady jackets from the current collection
50x keyholders 2015

It’s worth it as never before!

Here is the link to the WRITE & WIN contest:


Thank you for your support!
Cheers, Madeline & the whole WFF Team



Summer Breeze Newsletter 20

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!

1.: Site map online
2.: Cancellation: MASTODON
3.: ATTENTION: Inquiries / bookings on www.bahn.de
4.: Shower and WC flatrate
5.: Reserve some ice-cold Beck’s beer for the campsite!
6.: Ice cold: Rent a cooler!
7.: Careful when handling fire!
8.: Deadline for the KYLE GASS BAND acoustic guitar duel!

Dear SUMMER BREEZE Community!
1.: Site map online
The new site map, which has had some major changes since last year, is now online in two versions at the following LINK. Make sure to memorize everything so you still manage to find your way to the stage your favourite band is playing after you’ve enjoyed a few cold ones.

2.: Cancellation: MASTODON
Unfortunately we must announce that MASTODON have cancelled all their shows from early August to early September due to family reasons. Sadly this also affects their show at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2015. A big sorry to all those who were looking forward to this show.We will fill the free slot in the headliner programme shortly. We are frenetically searching for a replacement.

3.: ATTENTION: Inquiries / bookings on www.bahn.de
Since the transport authorities have not yet changed the system for the electronic schedule information, at the moment there’s still train connections to Dinkelsbühl appearing on www.bahn.de that almost always include the Ansbach station, because the special services, which have now been cancelled, are still stored in the system. However, this would mean chaos in Ansbach, as the few regular line busses would only be able to accommodate a small number of travellers! So please make sure when inquiring or booking on www.bahn.de that your connection does NOT include Ansbach! We urgently advise you to travel via Crailsheim and Ellwangen. The regular services from Ansbach will obviously operate normally… yet they will not be stopping at the Schiesswasen stop as usual, but at the bus station ZOB Schwedenwiese. Again, we are absolutely powerless in this respect, as the final decision lies with the transport authorities. However, the SUMMER BREEZE shuttle buses will stop at the bus station ZOB Schwedenwiese every day.

4.: Shower and WC flatrate
This year we will offer a shower and WC flatrate for the first time, which you can get at all shower stations for 10.- Euros. Single showers for 2.50 Euros are obviously still possible. Those who wish to use the flushable toilets outside of the flatrate can obviously still do so for 1.- Euro. The two main shower stations will be open continuously from Tuesday at 12:00 noon until Sunday at 12:00 noon. The other two shower stations will be open continuously from Wednesday 12:00 noon and also until Sunday 12:00.

5.: Reserve some ice-cold Beck’s beer for the campsite!
Those who’d rather not carry their beer all the way from home or from the Dinkelsbühl supermarkets can now reserve packs of Beck’s beer vor SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2015. There is the option to reserve packs of Beck’s beer and Beck’s Green Lemon shandy using the Print@Home function on our website so you can pick them up ice-cold from the supermarket in the barn on sector D of the campsite. One pack of beer or shandy contains 24 cans and costs only 30 Euros including the deposit for returnable cans (“Pfand”). This works out at one Euro per can (24 cans at 1 Euro plus 25 cents deposit). Only 1 Euro system commission per pack and the transaction fee for each order have to be added, so it makes even more sense to order many packs at a time. This means: Reserve your ice-cold Beck’s beer or Beck’s Green Lemon at a very fair price under http://www.summer-breeze.de/en/tickets/print-at-home-tickets.html, then print out your Print@Home confirmation(s) (no printed confirmation, no beer!), go to the campsite and pick up your packs whenever you want presenting your ID card, so you have cold beer at all times. You don’t have to pick up your packs all at once, but can rather take them with you one by one. Orders can be placed until Saturday, 08.08.2015 at 23:00. You can obviously buy packs of Beck’s beer and Beck’s Green Lemon on site as well, although at a slightly higher price…
It is prohibited to supply alcohol to minors under 16, which is why you must present your ID card together with the confirmation PDF.

6.: Ice cold: Rent a cooler!
Since the transport and handling of dry ice suppose a series of dangers (unfortunately there were dry ice injuries at SUMMER BREEZE 2014), we were forced by the authorities to ban dry ice on the whole festival site. However, we are aware that, not only for pro festival patrons, on a long summer weekend cold drinks on the campsite are a must, which is why we have been thinking of a smart solution for cooling your drinks. We found an appropriate provider in http://rentacoolbox.de, who have the experience and capacities to fulfil the demand. Although the coolers on offer are also dry-ice powered, the systems are secured, so that the authorities gave us the go ahead. The coolers from keep food and drinks cold for up to three days and are capable to cool down drinks by 20 degrees within 10 to 15 minutes. All interested parties may reserve/rent one or more coolers in various configurations from http://rentacoolbox.de, or just contact the staff on site… We hope this works out as a good alternative to bringing your own dry ice.

7.: Careful when handling fire!
As you know and probably understand, open fires are prohibited on the whole festival. Gas and charcoal grills, on the other hand, are allowed as longs as they are used for what they were intended. All grills and stoves MUST be set up on their corresponding stands on firm ground. Coal trays must not be in contact with the ground. Please note: Oil lamps are not allowed on the festival site. The same applies to firewood and cressets. Due to some serious accidents which have resulted in life threatening injuries, we expressly urge you to exercise extreme caution when using fire starters to light charcoal barbeques. Please take this appeal seriously, as numerous accidents have already happened again during this festival season.

8.: Deadline for the KYLE GASS BAND acoustic guitar duel!
The deadline to enter the contest which will allow three lucky winners to beat Kyle Gass and his band in an acoustic guitar duel is inexorably drawing nearer. You can still submit your videos until 01.08.2015, and that’s it! Post your videos as a YouTube link under the original Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/summerbreeze1997/posts/10153381460101675:0
Shy people may also email their video (one minute max.) or the corresponding link to application@silverdust.de.
Stay heavy! \m/




Rock Harz – Running Order now online! 500 tickets left – day tickets available on Eventim!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

The running order can be found here:
Running Order Rock Harz 2015

Running Order Rock Harz 2015

500 3-day-tickets are left – but now day tickets are available – but just on Eventim:
Eventim Day Tickets



With full force- Running order and new apps online…

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hello friends, we get back to you with great news that you eagerly waited for!! We are happy to present you the RUNNING ORDER of this year’s With Full Force Festival!! As of now you can find the timetable exklusively in our WITH FULL FORCE mobile app and later of course on our homepage and facebook as well! Now you can see who’s playing when and how long and with the WFF app you can already schedule your very own timetable and plan your meal and sleeping times etc.! You can also find the latest news and important information about the WFF as well! So, if you’re not an owner of this amazing app yet you should definitely get at least by now!!! Download the app now for free in the iTunes or Google Play Store and be one of the first who will see the running order!! Here are the links:
Have fun and see you soon! Your WFF Team


Graspop Update

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Hellyeah and King810 have cancelled their appearance. Betraying The Martyrs is now scheduled to play on Mainstage 2 on Sunday. Snot is scheduled on the Jupiler Stage on Friday.

Check out the official site for more information:


Summer Breeze News

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!

Bus Shuttles
This year the free bus shuttle service between the festival site and the town of Dinkelsbühl will operate at the following times:
Tuesday – Wednesday:
10:00 to 20:00 – Stops: Schiesswasen and ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese
Thursday – Saturday:
08:00 to 20:00 – Stop: ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese
07:00 to 14:00 – Stops:Schiesswasen and ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese

Since this year more patrons are going to take part in the GREEN CAMPING as during last year’s test run, we have to move the GREEN CAMPING site. Now the GREEN CAMPING area is located only a few steps further, on the former spare surface north of the forest. The main benefit for GREEN campers is they will have an even quieter atmosphere as well as more room for all participants. Furthermore, both the flushable toilets and the shower station will are now in close proximity. We trust we have made the right decision, not least in the interest of an undisturbed camping experience. On Tuesday from 10:00 to 22:00, access to the GREEN CAMPING area will be through Black Earth at the main festival entrance. From Wednesday at 10:00 until Saturday, access will be through the VIP entrance, which will be signposted. You will receive a map of the exact route in your confirmation PDF.

Questionnaire regarding Tuesday arrival
As you already know, this year it is possible to arrive at SUMMER BREEZE on Tuesday already. Since we don’t have any experience in this matter, we would like to conduct a quick survey in order to be able to estimate how many of you will arrive on Tuesday 11th of August 2015 and plan accordingly. Please everybody take part. Thank you.
As a little incentive and as a way of saying thank you we will give away 5 x 10 free drinks for this year’s SUMMER BREEZE among all participants. The main prize is the chance for two people to watch a band of their choice from the balcony on the Main Stage, free drinks inclusive! Many thanks in advance for your help and good luck with the raffle! There you go: https://de.surveymonkey.com/s/sbdienstag



Wacken news update (newsletter week 21)

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

News from our Wacken friends:
Hello metalheads,
today´s newsletter includes news about the W:O:A line-up, the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the Metal-Battle and also features a nice Lemmy – The Movie raffle. All further news can be found at www.wacken.com

Hamburg Metal Dayz: Final band and supporting program
It is time to present you the complete program for this year’s Hamburg Metal Dayz! Let’s start with the bands: Beyond The Black are the final act to rock Markthalle Hamburg on Saturday, September 26! These metal upstarts add their acclaimed mixture of power, symphonic and gothic metal to the sounds of W.A.S.P. and Axxis. We also can confirm the whole supporting program as well as the final Running Order with times.

M.O.D. have cancelled their tour
In the beginning of this week Billy Milano announced the end of his musical career which als led to the cancellation of the upcoming M.O.D. tour including the W:O:A performance.

4 new Metal-Battle finalists confirmed!
ITCOM, Materia, Renaissense and Scratch The Floor have won the final rounds in their home countries and will now proceed to the Metal-Battle finals at Wacken in August!

LEMMY Black Edition Steelbook – Big Raffle!
Lemmy – The Movie will be released as limited Black Edition Steelbook on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 29th!
To celebrate the upcoming release we will raffle 5 DVD and Blu-Ray editions of this awesome piece of music history.

All further inforamtion can be found at:


DONG 2015 Trailer

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Our friends of the DONG Open Air have news:
Here´s the official festival trailer!

Sign up the newsletter at:


With full force update…

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

The last names for the heaviest party of the year!
Hello friends, It is finished and the last 3 confirmed bands are completing our 2015 line up. Black thrash cult from far north or more precisely from Norway, the country of the dark extreme metal, is brought to you by AURA NOIR. They will properly beat up the Knüppelnacht. This we promise you!!!***From the bordering country Finland the grindcore vikings of ROTTEN SOUND will come after you and definitely won’t leave any prisoners – this is going to be evil!***And last but not least we have an extremely heavy metal gun from the British Isles in the program: CARCASS, the super heroes of death metal will destroy the Full Force for the 2nd time and knot your cervical vertebrae one after the other. Jeff Walker and his men are a guarantor for the heaviest eruptions and lots of dust in your lungs. What an awesome festival this is going to be!!! More information you can find as always on our homepage or facebook page. Now hurry up and get your tickets!! We look forward to see you soon! Your WFF Team