WFF 2018 Aftershow Movie

Friday, July 27th, 2018



Summer Breeze 2017 – Information regarding security

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!

News from our Summer Breeze friends:
Information regarding security

We are constantly in contact with the police and local authorities, and the emergency plans have been updated accordingly. Obviously also concerning the weather factor.
You, as festival patrons, can also help us, and in some cases we do depend on your collaboration and help:
– Please keep your festival tickets handy, so we can avoid unnecessary waits and queues because someone is looking for their ticket. The same applies to reservation confirmations of all kinds (Green Camping, reserved camping space, etc.) as well as the 10€ for the parking ticket .
– In case you are making use of the “saving camping space” sheet F, please stick it to your windshield.
– In order to avoid unnecessary crowding – but also traffic jams and queues – please stay in your car until you reach the glass control corridors and only get out of your car when it’s time to collect your wristbands.
– When on the festival site, please be aware of your location. Make a mental note of the emergency exits. You can view and memorise the site map in advance on our website or when you reach the festival site.
– Remember the emergency numbers. Number 110 also works on the festival site. This is the only number to contact the police in case of emergency.

We will not impose a general ban on rucksacks and bags. However, we will conduct checks at separate corridors at the entrance to the infield.
Please ask yourself if you could do without a bag or rucksack on the infield, as the controls take up additional time.
ATTENTION: Please tag your bags – incl. rucksacks! – with your name and a phone number where you can be reached!

We are also offering lockers this year, but the capacities are obviously limited…



Our With full force 2017 Review is now online!

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Check it Out here!




Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

News from our wacken friends:

Dear metalheads,
it’s that time again: W:O:A 2017 is sold out! All 75.000 3-DAY-ALL-IN-TICKETS are sold. THANX FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
After the enormous building operations (including the new beer pipeline) are more or less finished we have also reached the finishing line of the pre-sale. Despite all adverse circumstances and weather conditions of the last three years you have shown us once again that you are the best and most loyal fans in the world. Once again thanks for that!
Currently we are waiting for the last advance payments. Based on our experiences we always get a certain amount of returns due to not paid tickets. For those possible returns we have established a online waiting list giving all registered participants the chance to maybe still get a ticket.
You can find the waiting list here!
There will be no breaks in the days and weeks to come: All further info, area maps, opening hours, the festival alphabet and so on are more or less finished and are waiting for a release. The 28th edition of Wacken Open Air is coming and we are once again doing our best prepare the loudest & best party of the year for you – so stay tuned!

W:O:A team

All further information can be found at:


Wacken nearly SOLD OUT! Running Order Tool now online and more news…

Friday, June 9th, 2017

News from our wacken friends:

Dear Metalheads,
regarding the pre-sale we are drawing to a close. Considering the recent sales we expect to be sold out within the next week.
So if you still have not bought a ticket for W:O:A 2017 yet this might be your last chance!
Tickets are available at www.metaltix.com
Ticket-Hotline: +49 4827 – 999 666 66

W:O:A 2017 – 03.08. – 05.08.
with Volbeat, Accept & Orchester, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Marilyn Manson, Avantasia, Kreator, Status Quo, Emperor, Morbid Angel, Heaven Shall Burn, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Rage, Trivium, Napalm Death, Annihilator and more than 150 further bands!

Our well known Running Order Tool is back online! With this tool you can simply click on all your favorite W:O:A 2017 bands to create you own “Personal Running Order”.
Overlaps between two and more bands are marked in red!
As soon as you are finished you can create a downloadable PDF by simply clicking on the button.
You can find the Running Order Tool here!

We also have a new addition to the line-up. Kaiser Franz Josef (or KFJ) from Vienna in Austria will rock the Wasteland Stage with their kick ass rock n’ roll.
The band was recently support of nobody less then the mighty AC/DC themselves and will now give their debut at Wacken.

And here are some further recent changes of the Running Order: On Thursday the playtime of Mayhem will change to 60 minutes. On Friday the Beergarden stage will get longer changerover times due to the fact that Skyline will not play there. Lacuna Coil and Sonata Arctica will switch their slots

Until the festival begins there may be some further minor changes on some slots so check out the news frequently (subject to change)

All further information can be found at:


Just 12 days left… until WFF 2017

Friday, June 9th, 2017

To bring you into the right mood… ;)



Dong Running Order and Day Tickets

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Our friends of the DONG Open Air have news:

Today we’re presenting you the running order of the 17th Dong Open Air. Additionally, we are serving you access to the festival day passes in our webshop. The final share of weekend passes is also still on sale, so get your ticket while supplies last!

Your Dong Team

See the running order and sign up the newsletter at:


Wacken Running Order

Friday, May 26th, 2017

News from our wacken friends:


About 70 days are left until we meet again at Wacken Open Air! And today we can present you the first version of our Running Order! Who is going to play on which stage? The Running Order knows the answer! The Running Order isn’t cast in stone yet, small changes can happen at anytime.

You can find the first version here.
Both the prinatble version and our Running Order tool will be available in time before the festival starts. At the same time we can now present you another mixed wave of bands and acts!

Let’s start with the beer garden: The heavy blues band Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, the Livekaraoke Rockstarz and the rockabilly supergroup The Head Cat will play here. As you may know, Lemmy was part of the Head Cat group until he died, to act out his love for classical Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band will also play a show in the Bullhead City Circus. But back to the beer garden! The superb AC/DC tribute band Stinger and the Chinese folk metal band Tengger Cavalry. The band will travel from Beijing to Wacken!

The industrial band Tainia doesn’t need to travel so far, they are coming from northern Germany and will play at the Wasteland Stage. This stage will also feature Rampart from Bulgaria and the alternativ metal newcomers Null Positiv.

Our Wackinger Stage gets more acts too! The Austrian alpencore heroes Tuxedoo, the pagan folk band Waldkauz and the celtic folk rock band The Dolmen will rock here. Another addition here is Heimataerde, the band combines medieval instruments with dark electro elements. And it seems that Powerwolf have increase the size of their pack: Wolfheart will give you some melodic death metal at the Wackinger Stage, while Wolfchant are preparing a fine pagan metal show.

Henry Rollins returns with his spoken word show once more and the minstrels from Wirrwahr will perform as walking acts again.

No question: THE Wacken veterans will be back too! Skyline will again be the opening act for the Night To Remember.

The Bullhead City Circus gets some new names too! The britisch hard rock band Wild Lies will play here and also our community band Victims of Madness.

Last but not least: T.V. Smith will get support by the Die Toten Hosen drummer Vom Ritchie and becomes T.V. Smith & Vom Ritchie!

W:O:A 2017 – 03.08. – 05.08.
With Volbeat, Accept, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Marilyn Manson, Avantasia, Kreator, Status Quo, Emperor, Morbid Angel, Heaven Shall Burn, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Rage, Trivium, Napalm Death, Annihilator and over 100 additional bands!

All further information can be found at:


Wacken 2017 News

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

News from Wacken:
We are preparing some small and some big changes for the upcoming Wacken Open Air! The construction work from last autumn were only the first step of our investments and improvements. Today’s news is about the big stages and the sound in our infield. More news will follow soon!
The stage names:
Last year we asked you to submit suggestions to rename the Party Stage. More than 1000 suggestions reached us and they covered a huge range of ideas. Thank you for your ideas and your support! Some of the ideas were amazing! But still, none of them felt right for us. After many, many discussions, we came to the, at least for us, right idea: We need to understand our three big open air stages as one unit.

You can now rent your locker for the upcoming Wacken Open Air! The company BigBoxBerlin will again install some of their comfortable SafeBOX containers at Wacken. The SafeBOXes are both lockers and charging stations! The renewed containers are offering lockers in two sizes. You can find them at the Entrance Wacken Center / Party Stage and the entrance Plaza / Bullhead City.
Find out how it works and where to book these safe boxes here!

You made WackenTV go beyond the 20-million-views-mark – thank you very much! By now there are almost 800 clips on our YouTube channel, which can be a bit confusing. This is why we recommend to you the most historic, most beautiful and funniest clips in our mash up specials. On the occasion of the 20 million views it is today that we release the third of these specials on WackenTV.
You can find the third mashup here – Enjoy!

All further information can be found at:


With full force 2017 – 3 more bands

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Our friends from the WFF sent us 3 more bands to announce: