Wacken 2013 coming – News for Wacken 2014

July 19th, 2013

Just 2 weeks to go until Wacken 2013 – but now we got important news for 2014:
W:O:A 2014 tickets will be completely personalized (The name of the owner will be printed on the ticket)!
To proceed against black market, black marketers and Ebay-hustlers we once more have optimized the Wacken ticket personalization. Along with this we want to inform you as soon as possible about the upcoming changes and improvements. There will be no big changes at the general order process excerpt the fact that you have to fill in your complete name and those of your friends (for which you eventually order tickets for) into the form during the order process at www.metaltix.com

NEW W:O:A ticket exchange
The resale of W:O:A 2014 tickets is strictly forbidden. The only exception under specific circumstances is our new W:O:A ticket exchange. It will be completely anonymized (sellers and purchasers can´t get in contact with each other and will be automatically allocated via a waiting list. That means it´s no more possible to make any price agreements). The ticket will be sold for the original price and the ticket seller MUST be the owner of the ticket. (The name printed on the ticket has to match with the name on the copy of the personal id of the seller). Furthermore there will be a small change regarding the maximum amount of purchasable X-MAS tickets: Due to the incredible demand which always led to a sold out of X-MAS tickets in a record time of less than one hour we have limited the maximum amount of tickets to 2 X-Mas tickets per person and order.

The X-Mas ticket in general is as always limited to 10.000 and includes (like in the past) the iconic X-Mas shirt, the limited CD-sampler and much more… Through this measure we hope to increase the equality of opportunity for every fan to get one of the highly demanded X-Mas tickets!

But that´s not all! (Special Anniversary Shirt)
As a small “Thank you” gift for your longtime loyalty every buyer of the regular W:O:A 3-DAY-ALL-IN-TICKETS has the possibility to order one special priced and limited W:O:A 2014 Anniversary Shirt with every ordered ticket! You just pay 14,99 € including postage (instead of 20€ plus postage). Just drop the T-Shirt into the shopping basket during the order process of the W:O:A tickets on www.metaltix.com (the shipping will be executed by EMP Merchandising GmbH and will start approximately on September 1st 2013). The offer ends on August 31st 2013*

*This additional offer is not essential and it´s availability is temporarily and quantitatively limited to a premature sold out. This does not affect purchasers with already ordered and paid tickets!

We think that we have taken an important step to proceed effectively against the black- /secondary market. At the same time we can oblige your wishes from last year´s survey regarding ticket personalization. If you have any further suggestions or questions feel free to write an email to: personalization@wacken.com

Last but not least here´s a a short summary of the most important changes:
1) All Wacken tickets are personalized upfront. You have to fill in first name and surname during the order process. Names will be printed onto the ticket.
2) To obtain equality of opportunity the maximum amount of purchasable X-MAS Tickets per person and order is limited to 2 tickets. First name and surname of the additional person you order a ticket for has to also be filled in during the order process at www.metaltix.com !
3) It is still possible to order up to 5 tickets of the regular 3-Days-All In Ticket. First and surnames of ALL PERSONS have to be filled in during the order process at www.metaltix.com!
4) Tickets can´t be exchanged, handed over or resold anymore because they are bound to the name of each owner (Excerption: The new official and anonymized W:O:A ticket exchange). According to this we recommend the conclusion of a ticket insurance for a fee of 6,60€ during the order process. (Info regarding ticket insurance can be found HERE)
5) Name changes are possible for a fee of 15€ and require the submission of a copied personal id of the ticket owner.

A lot of changes at a single blow! Within the next days we will release an additional FAQ summary regarding the new personalization. We hope that we served you well with this!
yours W:O:A team


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