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February 21st, 2019

Our friends of the DONG Open Air have news:

We are finalizing the billing for the Dong 2019 with a last grand quadruple announcement to back up Steel Panther, Alestorm, Kataklysm, et al.:
Deserted Fear, the hottest death metal shit from Thuringia, or quite possibly the whole republic, are joining our headliner ensemble to give the tent a good shake!
Solar Fragment from Dortmund play the best power metal just the way the world knows and appreciates it from Germany. No surprise that our neighbor Hansi K├╝rsch contributed to one of their songs!
Deathcode Society are the Channel Tunnel of symphonic black metal. The Franco-British band will compress the Dong hill with high speed blasts and smooth it all up with epic keyboards. A mandatory event for all the restless friends of Dimmu Borgir!
And finally back again to Thuringia: After Goethe and Schiller, Victim are doubtlessly the figureheads of Weimar’s Sturm and Stress. The thrashers take no prisoners and fans of James Hetfield’s early vocals might just start to swoon!
Apart from the two finalists of the German W:O:A Metal Battle, this completes our lineup for the Dong 2019! Find audio samples and information of the stars and insider tips we collected between L.A. and New Delhi in the band profiles we carefully put together for you.
Chances are that there won’t be tickets available at the festival weekend. So just get yours right now and get a head start on looking forward to three days of summer, sun, and sound carousal on our classy Mount Moshmore!

What a great line-up!
Your content Dong Team

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